Animal Communication, Animal Healing And The Trust Technique.

The way with animals is dedicated to helping people and animals using animal communication, animal healing and the Trust Technique. James French is the UK's pioneering animal communicator, who is creating a new level of awareness with the use of simple techniques that everyone can learn to deepen their connection with animals.


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Animal Healing

James studied Reiki with the linage bearer or grand master of Reiki, Phyllis Lei Furumoto and was initiated as a master in 2004 in the old residence of Hawayo Takata in Hawaii. We offer reiki treatments for animals and people. James also teaches small intimate reiki classes for first and second degree reiki, where you can learn Reiki healing to treat yourself, others and give reiki for animals.

Animal Communication

Have a consultation with your animal or learn animal communication. The ACT (Animal Communication Training) programs start with the foundation ACT1 (one day animal communication workshops) or cd set and progress to learning how to be a professional, independent insured animal communicator with the ACT2 practitioner program (animal communication course).

The Trust Technique

This is the combination of animal healing and animal communication that has been created in a easy to use format for everyone. You can have James work with both you and your animal either over the phone or in person. Learning The Trust Technique is simple using either the membership video learning center or by attending one of the 2 day clinics held in the UK.




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