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First degree Reiki and Second Degree Reiki classes taught by Reiki master James French. Learn how to give Reiki to yourself, people, children and animals. These are small Reiki classes following the traditional Usui System of Reiki Healing. James is a member of the Reiki Alliance, Reiki Assosiation, Reiki Federation and studied his mastership with the lineage bearer (Phyllis Lei Furumoto). Learning Reiki is a simple and effective way of making a positive change to yourself and others around you.

Student are initiated into Reiki by a Reiki Master. The initiation opens the healing channels making it possible to treat themselves and others.There are three different levels, First Degree, Second Degree and Reiki Master

First Degree Bookings and Prices

Students receive four initiations over four consecutive days (3hrs sessions per day) They learn how to treat themselves, other adults, children and animals using the traditional system.Student hear the history of Reiki and learn about the Reiki precepts and how to involve them in your daily lives

The gift of First degree once received is with you always the application is as simple as hands on! Reiki on! Self daily treatment is the centre of any
reiki practice.

Second Degree Bookings and Prices

This is a deepening of the practice learnt in fist degree. Students receive one initiation and the teaching is over three days one 1 hour session and two 3 hour sessions. Students learn how to use the sacred symbols in their practice.
Allowing them to; Increase the power of their sessions Apply the mental treatment (used for changing habits / emotions) To send distant / absent healing

Students must have been initiated into first degree for one year before they are ready to receive second degree. This time is for the student to have gained experience and maturity with Reiki before moving to this next level of responsibility.


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