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First Degree Reiki Classes

Heal yourself, others and animals

Learn Reiki healing within a small and intimate class. Learn how you can develop your own well being and spirituality and how you can share this with your friends and family including the animals in your life. Learn how to become a support to others and help in a professional capacity.

What is taught on the class


Treatment of yourself

The heart of any Reiki practice is self treatment. When we create our own spiritual discipline of self treatment then we have the power to heal and grow on many levels. This includes the growth needed to support others with Reiki. Students are taught both the formal and informal self treatment.

Treatment of other people

Students learn how to support others with Reiki including the hand positions to give a full reiki session and how to have a professional bedside manner. Also how to create the right healing environment from understanding exchange to the amount of sessions required.

Treatment of animals

I offer my own experiance of working with animals including how to hold a professional platform that supports both the animal and the person.

Understanding of the core concepts

Reiki is based on simple yet deep spiritual concepts. Discover the Reiki precepts and understand how to allow the flow of healing energy to change the lives of people in your care.

The Reiki history

There are many life lessons that can be learned when hearing the Reiki story. Students hear the individual stories of the characters that have brought Reiki into our daily lives and uncover the essence of their own Reiki linage.


Class Structure

The First Degree Reiki class is run over four consecutive days with each days tuition three hours long as it is important that when following the traditional system, to have a day between each initiation. Each day starts with learning each element, followed by an initiation and finishes with the practical.




An initiation is an energetic ritual that opens the natural healing pathways for the Reiki student. In First Degree there are four separate initiations. Each initiation holds its own energy and vibration and each person can respond differently to these. Sometimes, the initiations can create a great sense of peace and connection and other times it can be a source of clearing and release. Ultimately the initiations allow you to be a clear channel for healing energy which is drawn through you to the needs of the recipient, be this another person, an animal or yourself.

Following the traditional system

I feel honoured and privileged to share with you First Degree Reiki as passed down to me by my master Phyllis Lei  Furumoto. It was important to me that my own learning was as close to the traditional linage as possible. The Reiki system of healing is an oral tradition that is passed down from one master to the next. The system is a simple yet profound healing art, which both Shelley and myself honour, truly regard and feel a duty of care to teach and hold the integrity of the system.



James’ Reiki linage

James was very fortunate to have been taught by the Grandmaster of Reiki Phyllis lei Furumoto. To see the full lineage click on the right hand arrow at the bottom of the images

Mikao Usui 1920

The originator of this healing system
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Chujiro Hayashi 1925

Brings structure to the Reiki practice
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Hawayo Takata 1936

Bring Reiki to the western world
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Phyllis Lei Furumoto 1980

Growth of community
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James French 2004

Well known for his work with animals
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