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Learn Reiki Second Degree


Second Degree Reiki Classes

The Deepening Of The Practice

Learn Reiki Second Degree is the deepening of the practice, where the student is given advanced healing tools to help themselves, other people and animals. These tools help specific emotional situations and gives the practitioner the ability to help people and animals from a distance (absent healing).

Following the traditional system means that the student must have been a First Degree Reiki practitioner for one year before they can be initiated into Second Degree. Experience of working hands on with other people as well as the habit of self treatment (your own spiritual discipline) are essential aspects before considering the second degree class.

What is taught on the class


Students connect with the Reiki symbols

The symbols used in Reiki healing are at the heart of the practice. These are the same symbols shown to Mikao Usui (the originator) at his point of enlightenment while searching for the answer for this healing method.

The mental treatment

Reiki is very good with helping people through emotional issues. The mental treatment takes this to a deeper level. The straight translation for the sacred symbol used is “I have the key to your subconscious mind”. This treatment is helpful for the the change of long term habits in including addictions- “The first time I received this specific treatment it was like someone poured clean fresh water through my mind”. When we look at addiction on a deeper level it becomes clear that it is the thinking habits that create the undesirable actions. When we have control and clarity with our thinking then we are free to be the person we choose, rather than the reaction of the person we do not want to be.

Distant Healing

Distant or absent healing is the ability to send Reiki healing without the need to be with the person or animal. This is a beautiful treatment and can be described as a more concentrated session. The understanding and tools help practitioners go beyond the limits of time and space, in the aid of helping others. Personally, this next level helped me find abilities deep within myself including the understanding and realisation of Animal Communication but no ones path is the same. Second Degree is not only an amazing skill to help others, it is also an invaluable skill for self learning and realisation.

Class structure

Day 1

This begins by the learning of the symbols. This is an hour and a half session where students learn how to draw the sacred symbols and understand their meaning and application. As part of the oral tradition it is important that the student then has the time to practice and memorise these symbols before being initiated. As it is an oral tradition the symbols are not written down nor kept by the student but need to be learned. There is normally a couple of days before the next session so there is enough time for the student to become familiar with the symbols.

Day 3

Initiation- This is a three hour session where students learn how to apply symbols within a hands on treatment and learn how to a give a specific mental treatment

Day 4

This is a three hour session where students learn to send Reiki healing

In both of these days we explore the deeper aspects of the Reiki public practice and also explore the application of distant treatment for animals as well as humans.



There is one initiation for Second Degree Reiki. This special initiation embeds the knowledge of these sacred symbols, so that they can be worked with by the practitioner.

Following the traditional system

I feel honoured and privileged to share with you Second Degree Reiki as passed down to me by my master Phyllis Lei  Furumoto. It was important to me that my own learning was as close to the traditional linage as possible. The Reiki system of healing is an oral tradition that is passed down from one master to the next. The system is a simple yet profound healing art, which both Shelley and myself honour, truly regard and feel a duty of care to teach and hold the integrity of the system.


James’ Reiki linage

James was very fortunate to have been taught by the Grandmaster of Reiki Phyllis lei Furumoto. To see the full lineage click on the right hand arrow at the bottom of the images

Mikao Usui 1920

The originator of this healing system
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Chujiro Hayashi 1925

Brings structure to the Reiki practice
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Hawayo Takata 1936

Bring Reiki to the western world
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Phyllis Lei Furumoto 1980

Growth of community
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James French 2004

Well known for his work with animals
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